S60X6 female 3?4'' Garden Hose 20 mm
Adapter to a container with internal thread for S60X6 Garden Hose 20 mm 12.00 11.00
S60X6 female 3?4'' valve Hrom retro
S60X6 female ¾'' valve Hrom retro 27.00

Adapter S60X6 female ¾” super valve qiuck connect and ½” 14 mm hose


19.00 18.00

S60X6 female 3⁄4” super valve 3⁄4” 1⁄2”

This adapter is for connecting IBC container and garden wathering hoses. This 2-way adapder help to connect one hose with clamp and other using quick connecting system Pipe Tap Garden

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